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A trustworthy Partner every step of the way. Through our flexible offering we aim to provide customised partnership schemes tailored to individual needs 

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Why Partner with Us? 

At Eurotrader, we understand the importance of strong partnerships in the dynamic world of CFD trading. 
Our commitment to excellence and innovative solutions sets us apart, making us the ideal choice for brokers 
and Introducing Brokers (IBs) seeking a competitive edge. 

Key Features

Tailor-Made Rebate Solutions

Unlock unparalleled earning potential with our customizable rebate solutions. We believe that one size doesn't fit all, and that's why we work closely with our IBs to create personalized plans that align with their business goals. Whether you're an individual trader or a large institution, our flexible rebate structures ensure that you maximize your returns.

Earn up to 65% of our spread revenue and up to 50% Revenue Sharing.

State-of-the-Art Partners Portal

Gain a strategic advantage with our cutting-edge Partners Portal. Designed with you in mind, our portal provides real-time insights into your business performance with us. Track your clients, monitor commissions, and access comprehensive reports to make informed decisions. Our user-friendly interface empowers you to manage and grow your business efficiently. 

Tiered Offerings for Increased Earnings

Elevate your potential earnings with our tiered partnership program. As you reach pre-agreed thresholds of trading volume, you automatically move up to a higher tier, unlocking even greater rewards. This scalable approach ensures that your success is directly proportional to the growth of your business with us. 

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Ready to elevate your CFD trading business? Partner with Eurotrader and experience the difference. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and explore the possibilities of a mutually rewarding partnership. 

Lot-Based Rebates

Unleash the power of every trade with our lot-based rebate system. The more you trade, the more you earn. It’s a straightforward approach that rewards your dedication and amplifies your success with each lot, creating a direct correlation between your efforts and your earnings. 

Revenue Share Coming Soon!

Our revenue-sharing model ensures that as our partner, you participate in the prosperity you help generate. Fostering a collaborative relationship where your success and ours are intertwined. Diversify your revenue streams, explore new horizons, and experience unprecedented financial growth with Eurotrader. Your success story starts with the freedom to choose and the power to thrive. 


*Only available for Master IBs

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