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Ozan Ozerk

Eurotrader was founded by Ozan Özerk in 2018 to champion financial inclusivity and support new traders in their introduction to the markets.

Eurotrader’s founder, Ozan Özerk was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1979 moved to Norway with his family at a young age. Kamil Özerk, his father, is a professor at the Department of Education in the University of Oslo. Meral R. Özerk, his mother, specialises in children with learning disabilities. She works at Statped as a senior advisor. Both have authored several books in the field of education, autism and bilingualism.

Dr. Ozan Özerk studied medicine at the University of Oslo from 2000 to 2008. After graduation, he completed his medical internship at Narvik Hospital. Dr. Ozan Ozerk worked as a medical doctor from 2010 until 2015. He held positions as an emergency room doctor in the cities of Narvik, Bærum, and Moss.

Ozan Ozerk’s entrepreneurial career started early, as he co-founded Norsk Ideutvikling in 2005, an online media company famous for its social networking site Biip.no. This early version of social media endeavour was similar to Facebook and it was highly popular in Norway, reaching almost the entirety of the young population. Biip.no was acquired by Egmont and Nettavisen in 2008. Dr. Ozan Özerk stayed on until 2010.

After the Biip.no exit, and his tenure as an emergency room doctor, Ozan Ozerk made the shift to his current career in the fintech industry in 2015. The early years saw several small ventures that helped him discover and understand the fintech space and form the grounds for today’s successful businesses.

In 2018, he consolidated his early ventures under OpenPayd, which today is a well-known brand in the fintech industry. OpenPayd was founded and is still headquartered in London, now with offices in Bulgaria, Turkey, Malta, Belgium and the USA. OpenPayd offers Banking as a Service (BaaS) solutions to businesses.

Ozan Ozerk founded Eurotrader in 2018 as well. Eurotrader is a fully licensed and regulated retail broker in forex, stocks, crypto, indices and commodities.

European Merchant Bank (EMBank), based in Lithuania, has a full banking licence from the European Central Bank. EMBank works prominently with fintechs globally, as well as local businesses in Lithuania.

Ozan SuperApp was also founded by Dr. Özerk in 2018. Headquartered in London with affiliates and offices in Turkey and the EU, Ozan SuperApp is a new generation fintech company that offers financial solutions to both individuals and businesses.

As one of the pioneers of the industry, Dr. Ozan Ozerk frequently shares his thoughts and projections on the future of fintech through interviews and opinion-pieces. He also has a strong standpoint on issues regarding financial inclusion and equality, often speaking and writing on these topics.

Ozan Ozerk is an official member of the Forbes Financial Council since 2021.