Eurotrader Group announces the launch of Eurocapital

Eurotrader Group is branching into multi-asset liquidity provision with the launch of Eurocapital, its new institutional arm.


October 2021, London: Eurotrader Group has announced the launch of Eurocapital, an institutional offering that is also the Group’s debut into multi-asset liquidity provision. 


Eurocapital is a Prime of Prime liquidity provider that delivers highly bespoke full-circle solutions and secure offerings, with products spanning forex, equities, CFDs and futures. With decades of expertise, the Eurocapital team draws on its experience and relationships to give clients access to Tier 1 liquidity, top-of-book prices and exceptional fill rates.


With a rich banking heritage and a strong institutional network, the firm is equipped to construct bespoke prices based on Tier 1 bank relationships and Eurocapital’s own liquidity, ultimately providing minimal market impact solutions to its clients.


Bolstered by superior technology, Eurocapital’s offering is also complemented by ultra-low latency and uninterrupted trading flow, ensuring maximum efficiency and fast execution. The firm also has a network of third-party distribution hubs and co-located API connections that together form a robust international infrastructure and seamless connectivity.


Eurocapital is also integrated with a range of professional trading platforms and technologies, including Bloomberg, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, CQG, SS&C Eze and Trading Technologies.


Commenting on the launch, Matthew Kent, Director Institutional Sales, said:


“Our foray into institutional and professional services marks a very exciting time for Eurotrader Group. This new endeavour is a direct response to evolving market needs, which largely centre around the demand for increased flexibility and individualised solutions. Eurocapital is committed to and equipped for raising the bar of flexibility, customisation and excellence beyond what is standard today.”


Eurotrader Group announces global rebrand and purchase of new domain

-International retail broker ramps up expansion with newly purchased domain for its South African entity


July 2021, London: Eurotrader Group has accelerated its expansion with the addition of a new South African-licensed entity and the acquisition of a new domain.


Building on its existing CySec-regulated entity, Eurotrade SA (Pty) Ltd is another step in the Group’s global growth. These major changes come as Eurotrader ramps up its creative efforts via a rebrand geared towards its millennial and younger audience. The rebrand has been launched via Eurotrader’s new domain,, and the CySec-regulated domain. 


Eurotrader has also added to its product portfolio, with new arrivals including thousands of additional US, UK and European stock CFDs, therefore enabling fractional share trading too.


Commenting on Eurotrader’s ambitions for the year, Sergei Grigoriev, Executive Director, said:


“Eurotrader’s focus is to accommodate the needs of individual traders as well as those looking to explore copy trading or account management systems. In addition to offering the industry the lowest forex spreads, Eurotrader clients will have the opportunity to trade on shares and futures on the world’s leading exchanges. Having direct market access to such products will enable our clients to invest in publicly listed companies.”


Amid the rebrand and entity change, the company has also expanded its senior leadership team with the appointments of Patrick Murphy (formerly Head of Consumer Compliance at Paysafe) as Head of Global Compliance, and Nick Whitehead (formerly Head of Digital Product – Investments & Wealth at Barclays) as Head of Product.

-International retail broker ramps up expansion with newly purchased domain for its South African entity


What does 2021 have in store for Eurotraders?

Matthew Kent, Institutional Sales Director at Eurotrader, discusses his ambitions for the company, as well as what’s in store for Eurotraders this year.


If you’re ever in need of someone who’s extremely financially fluent, look no further than our Institutional Sales Director, Matthew Kent. Equipped with a strong background in fundraising, complemented by his wealth of experience in the financial environment and his solid product knowledge, Matthew always has his finger on the trading pulse.


Fortunately for Eurotraders, that means we’re able to tap into Matthew’s trading foresight to bring you a host of exciting new features this year.


But before we get to the good stuff, we caught up with Matthew to find out more about his vision and ambitions for Eurotrader.

It’s all about priorities

Fintech is a fickle world, but our vision always remains the same: to be a disruptive fintech group that offers the full circle of banking-payments-trading.


That same vision is crafted around our people and the Eurotrader community, which are both at the heart of everything we do. 


“It’s about working with the right people, having the right members of staff and having the right partnerships” Matthew explains. “That way, if we’re called upon, we have the right team and infrastructure to handle absolutely anything.”


But don’t just take our word for it. We have a rich portfolio of highly satisfied clients, many of whom are left blown away by how quickly and efficiently we handle their enquiries. Matthew recalls one client in particular: “He had been around a few different brokerages who usually took a couple of days to respond with a solution. With us, well, we just did what we usually do – responding within the hour – and he got back to us with a ‘wow’!”


Really though, it’s not rocket science. It’s about having priorities, and for us, our priority will always be our clients. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer support, with teams that remain in constant contact with clients until a resolution is reached.


We believe that we have the right recipe in place to create a thriving trading environment: great people, great infrastructure and a fierce commitment to delivering on our promises. Not only does that build trust in our brand among the wider trading community, but it ultimately empowers traders to invest in their future selves.

Eurotrader 2021

And the moment you’ve been waiting for: what’s to come in 2021?


Well, we’re absolutely thrilled to unveil a new and improved Eurotrader!


Okay, Eurotrader OGs will know that, at five years old, we’re still a relatively new company as it is. However, we recognise the importance of changing with the times, which is what we’ve accomplished with our exciting new identity and offerings. Matthew shares more:


“We’ve stripped back to the essentials, gone back to the basics, and rebuilt from there. We created the infrastructure so that everything will work harmoniously upon the release of the new website and product offering. We have the platforms, we have the right sort of liquidity providers, we have the right product offering, we’ve done enough testing to make sure our products are steady, and we can do what we say we’re going to do.”


As for our ever-expanding product range, we’re continuing to add to our portfolio with the latest trends and next big things. However, we’re still offering old school products to those who prefer traditional assets, so there’s something for everyone!


As we embark in this new direction, one of our biggest projects has been the launch of the new website. Created with millennials in mind, Eurotrader has transformed into a cool new trading hub, where you’ll find a wealth of videos, podcasts and other great content to satisfy your trading needs.


Better still, we’ve also unveiled our new Eurotrader Academy, an online learning resource centre packed with ebooks and video courses to help you train up and trade up. Our material ranges from the basics to more advanced, so whether you’re a trading novice or forex pro, we’ve got something for you to get stuck into.